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Council values feedback and encourages residents to comment on local issues.


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Current Engagements


Draft Social Media Policy 

This policy aims to:

  • Promote effective community engagement through social media;
  • Provide guidance about the appropriate use of social media tools;
  • Reduce the likelihood of miscommunication or inappropriate communications;
  • Help Council manage challenges associated with social media such as speed and immediacy of information and risks of ‘trolling’ or negative commentary;
  • Provide clarity about roles and responsibilities in relation to use, approval and monitoring of platforms;
  • Inform the community of Council’s rights and responsibilities in relation to the social media platforms on which it operates.


Draft Access to Council & Committee Meetings and Documents Policy

This Code sets out Council’s commitment to provide public access to agendas, minutes and meetings, and outlines when it may be necessary to exclude the public from meetings. It seeks to explain how the Council will approach the use of the confidentiality provisions in the Local Government Act 1999.